Turn To The Land


Let us turn to the land.
You and me.
From this pollution.
The purpose of humans.
Turn. Turn. Turn to the land.
Or abandon the pollen fallen
from willows.
At night the stars show
then in day still burning.
We refute such odd existence.
Being but not yearning.
So turn as a plow turns,
turn as the leaf turns,
turn as the tree turns.
Turn from the rock, bone,
threshed into soil.
Turn. Turn. Turn to the land.


Places Where I Kiss You

how many times have I kissed you

with your eyes across the way

the colors of day drawn across

the blooming red that bursts all around
your irises

the kingdom
the kingdom of stars folded into your flesh
delivered into my heart
the sequences of neurons
the path towards tomorrow

forbidden is your fruit to touch

forbidden it is to taste

but I can do as the Universe does

dream and rearrange

in the sunrises I believed in you

held your contemplation long and still

the clouds move across the fertile land

to honor the curve of your lips

I walk along the hills
with the painted places of greens and blues
walk along the southern hills

is the place where I kiss you

Ultraviolet Loves

ultraviolet lovesI want to be loved
by the trees
not for you
not for me
for others

The silence in
our cells
biological thingies
makes us
look towards blue skies
and membrane covered eyes
when a sunrise
is breakin
cross a grass that
sings the west

Oh to be known
in a home
not made of
made of flesh
our breath
the end

Won’t you hold me
in your bed
when the sunrise
and birds come
for songs
tend to humans
where they sleep
passing photons
and phasers
of ultraviolet light


Ghosts Of The Great Heart

I woke up
to a sexual dream
about a middle-aged woman from my
naturally I spent the morning
reading about Emily Dickinson
until the birds
began to chirp
and sunlight came
to my room like
water’s farthest journey
upon the universe of beach

I laid on the other side of breathing

crested in sand and spent of light air

then I remembered you were dead

I gave up these breaths

to enter the regular day

the one without the ghosts of

the great