Turn To The Land


Let us turn to the land.
You and me.
From this pollution.
The purpose of humans.
Turn. Turn. Turn to the land.
Or abandon the pollen fallen
from willows.
At night the stars show
then in day still burning.
We refute such odd existence.
Being but not yearning.
So turn as a plow turns,
turn as the leaf turns,
turn as the tree turns.
Turn from the rock, bone,
threshed into soil.
Turn. Turn. Turn to the land.

A Thesis Of Love And Science

the scent of your skin right where your hairline beginsSome said not to be human

To be proper as a professional

Relationships are business transactions

forget them and move on

I see them like microorganisms

or cosmos

scientific poetic stories

Science is artisanal for those with creativity
those who have the courage

The art of pain and loss provides insights
eternal time
dimensional time
the role of genetic modification in memory function

The art of pain and loss builds an endless kingdom

I learned more on my first trip
the forests
north of San Francisco

than I have in all the meetings of my career

The pretensions of the formalists
being tragically flawed
by the posturing of topical confidence

which let us admit is cowardice
from feeling
(or being grounded and ungrounded)

So I’m going to be a god damn human
remember how I loved you
remember the scent
of your skin right where your hairline begins

remember when you were angry with me
and remember when you were tender