Cream, Sweat, Deodorant Infinity


Oh, the scent of her fall
cream, sweat, and deodorant
by the dark bedroom shadows
or morning living room sunlight
by the calls of our heavens
our ancestors
were lovers and deviants
breasts carved for spaceships
eclipses of planets
asses and shape shifts from
the young to the old
her crow’s feet aside her eyes
by porn star eyeliner
by the vestibule of my biological
I want her like the sunrise
for worship
for religion
until I die
or one of the middle age actresses
on “Designing Women”
these impressions are permanent
neural tissues or the Fountain
of Youth

The Prosperous Impoverished


when the corporations go away
we will still love
unloved by the
waste they have laid
and pollutants in
our blood

but when we
cough blood clots

when children ask

we’ll tell them
there was once this thing
called wealth

it’s the cost and the price of health

from the once high mandates
of fiendish men
stuck in the 20th century

and this is why I love your
blue eyes now
amongst the stars, averages
and standard messages

Kittens In Radiation


Gravity has the doors
most everyone ignores

except kittens
who lay on floors

they breathe in this stuff
in daydreams

Everyone wonders what they do
with those eyes

A million point five years
of seeing wave frequencies

the things
that go in those special
gravity special doors

and make worlds recycle
like Christian forgiveness

computers tossed into pure

Kittens move to kiss each other

and this is only part of why
they lay around on floors