Cult Of Ideas

Asking for the interview

Not the cult of celebrity

But the cult of ideas

We’re interested

When sitting in the cabin

On the stagnant crusty carpet


By the river Clackamas

In the winter

With the cosmos swirling and swirling


The cult of that which

Makes us

Unmakes us

Undoes our heads

So we can have biological life

Not in any form like synthesis

To the speaker speaking to us

Dismantling The Counseling Center

the counseling center

I saw them tearing down
a building I once received counseling in.

The two major things I learned from that counseling:

masturbation is a healthy tool for relieving stress
diaphragmatic breathing can definitely disrupt anxiety.

The woman who gave me these pointers
neither had an anxiety disorder or masturbated regularly,
at least I didn’t think so,
based on appearances.
Well, I didn’t think so at the time,
when I was 23 years old.

Now I’ve lived long enough to know
that 58 year old, slightly overweight women
definitely have anxiety disorders and certainly do masturbate.

We often don’t give people enough credit
for potentially masturbating.

You’d be surprised who does.

Wizard Girl Heaven

Palo Pinto County

There have been alien thoughts visit me
since I met you
and I wonder if maybe you’re an alien.

Created in some form before time itself.

Maybe you come from the makers of

Maybe something has happened with
me lately,
some sort of plasma is inhabiting me,
my neurons are inflamed
and now perhaps
I’m an alien?
Well, a different kind of alien,
an alien of spatial configurations and ketones.
Seeing the different fields,
You know,
liberated from form perhaps?

I believe that you have liberated me from form.

Chalked up the cliff sides of Palo Pinto County
in the summer.
Made ancients from your knee bones.

These things that encode you, regardless of
their semantics,
are beautiful and press the return button
to the imagination of childhood and interstellar

As mentioned before, you reset time.

You’re not a form I’ve known before.

So I see you very similar to rocks and moon.

Place, Places, Placement and Placings

The place gets inside your head
Until you can see nowhere else
The familiarity of sunlight on walls
Or shadows from trees and acorns or seeds
on the ground
Can’t really be seen in any other place
in that manner

The place does not ask you to stay
But you grow afraid to walk away
So you settle
You settle
Because mid-life’s gravity is stronger
The freedom you once felt in a desert
in the West

But the place harbors your fears
from the rest of the world
And you smell the scents of its restaurants
Renovated decors
New mirrors and carpets
Over and over
Over the years
Away from the land of the sun

A University Next To Chicken Express


class of 18
student body
will you
won’t you
come in
to try
our chicken tenders

ice tea is here
breakfast cereal over there
and chicken tenders
defeat the purpose
of our own consciousness
twas a kingdom
over there
ringing somewhere
in these stainless steel

we pay them
to leave the afternoons
and alone

the afternoons are the ones
left naked
and alone

future economies could
be made
upon these deals
way on down
the road of life

Taking The Cake


Remember all those times the girls went
go go go
Remember the Ford Mustangs,
Chevy Blazers and Ford Escorts
The girls went
The girls went
Where did the girls go
Fast food by the mall
To the secret panty store
Parties before midnight
in the working class neighborhoods
far away from the golf course
They never went to the Basketball games
cuz of
all the black kids
Friday nights in Fall were more their thing
Then that summer the football player
killed his father
The girls didn’t know where to go to
send their condolences
take the cake

Love That Is Psychedelic


A billion years between our eyes

That is how I feel

Not distant

There’s a billion years
In every moment with you

Some talk of beauty

Places and things
Porticos in Rome
Flowers on alpine hills
Or space ports leading off
To Andromeda

I will talk of time

Because it’s that which
Eludes us the most
But it’s
The nucleic element you give me

In each instance
You make me eternal

Now I can kiss your lips
In this silly city on Earth

Between The Panels Of Old Flooring

old wooden floor

In a tee shirt from my old relationship

That is where I am these days

It’s worn, comfortable and cozy

There’s usually silence around me when I wear it

I remember when I first got it

We were moving into a recently renovated “loft” apartment

I had decided my “style” in those days was gonna be
different solid color tee shirts
with different color industrial pants
and earthen-colored New Balance sneakers

She did not approve of my newly discovered fashion sense
scoffed at me the day I showed up to sign the lease
wearing this same brown tee shirt
with some red workman’s pants

About 10 minutes after signing the lease
we fucked hard and furiously
on the freshly glossed hardwood floor
what would become our bedroom

my semen spilling there between the panels of old flooring

Detox With Me

Green Tea Alexander

Detox detox detox with me

Detox with me

Or green tea with me

Will you on mornings unprocured

In boats looking at the Aegean Sea

Will you

Won’t you

Detox with me

With the green tea

Green tea brought from the East

Green tea burning the land

Green tea turning the earth

Learn the little verses Tosses of head and hair

The way The way The way

Lay and play in these cotton sheets

Windows of Alexandria

Songbirds of Algiers

Aquamarine shutters Orange little birds

Touchpoints around the Mediterranean

The god blessed freckles of your skin