Firth O Love


California was unification in my mind

televisions signals

genetics sculpted by television signals

or these are family planning models

your hands held my wrists

oh eucalyptus trees on high over the

gray skies to sweep the ocean

so many sadness made tears

mornings as neglected children

plastic cups and plastic bags down the
sea shorn fields

neglected planets


neglected children

our lack of eloquent civilization

these things are no coincidence

this is our fear of love

we live forth of symbols

not love forth of heart

Redemption Of A Red Planet


We can only but get to Mars now

Can I kiss you?

Can I under those blue white skies
skirt the hues of red and orange
and beige
and feel your textured, crusted lips

dry there

waiting for a humanness to know you

amongst routines, ritual, and duty
to clone
the next progenial elation

to sample
to sample
what were the forms and ways before
in a new kind of gravity
a different context
the answering of ionized metals
for redemption

for our redemption

the new ways of being

from this space port I buzz to you

my mercury and iron oxide singing