The Trees Have Been My Friends

The trees have been my friends.

When oblivious businessmen
go to their upscale gyms and afterwards
clink their glasses of red wine
together over steak dinners
I will be able to say
I was nestled in a house of impoverished people
where I dreamed the ancient dreams
of the microcellular arrangements
from a very long time ago
and there beside it,
though not in sterile air conditioned
there, on the stagnant outskirts of an
industrially polluted city,
there the trees have still come to live
and the trees,
the trees still loved me,
the trees still loved them,

and the trees have been my friends.

Whom The Oak Trees Love

I go by the oaks to love you

to walk amongst the woodland grass

under moonlight or breaking sun

with effervescence
in forms of light

my face is insignificance
under shade

so I feel like someone passing

between two places in the hills
a million life times in the stars

this is love that moves my human ankles
over dusty rocks of rust and red

this is the having of life

of rust and red from earlier comets
who bore gravitations and ellipses

as every journey or every moment
is an elliptical one

time is the now and the everlasting

that is what the oak trees tell me
when they tune my neurons among them

they share the tones of an unending song

the tones of transmigration

Places Where I Kiss You

how many times have I kissed you

with your eyes across the way

the colors of day drawn across

the blooming red that bursts all around
your irises

the kingdom
the kingdom of stars folded into your flesh
delivered into my heart
the sequences of neurons
the path towards tomorrow

forbidden is your fruit to touch

forbidden it is to taste

but I can do as the Universe does

dream and rearrange

in the sunrises I believed in you

held your contemplation long and still

the clouds move across the fertile land

to honor the curve of your lips

I walk along the hills
with the painted places of greens and blues
walk along the southern hills

is the place where I kiss you

Ultraviolet Loves

ultraviolet lovesI want to be loved
by the trees
not for you
not for me
for others

The silence in
our cells
biological thingies
makes us
look towards blue skies
and membrane covered eyes
when a sunrise
is breakin
cross a grass that
sings the west

Oh to be known
in a home
not made of
made of flesh
our breath
the end

Won’t you hold me
in your bed
when the sunrise
and birds come
for songs
tend to humans
where they sleep
passing photons
and phasers
of ultraviolet light

A Question For Oak Trees

Oak & starsThe oak trees have called
for you

They asked about your name

What if you’re no longer fit for
their spirits


the stoic plains

What if someone else is there

made with a heart
of the grass’s song

What if you don’t know the
celestial languages

born to an unliving nation

Maybe your loyalties are
like the wind

You won’t know
the temple where my body lays

purple twilight

Andromeda’s dancing

A Dream Continued

I decided
I’m going to move to Vermont
and buy a farm house in the hills
to finish a dream
you first planted in my head years ago.
Why a Texan would do this?
I don’t really know.
Some might call it love.
This will of course be in your absence
and when the locals ask
I’ll just say I’m a widower.
In the summer I’ll be alone up there.
Once I get a little closer to someone
I’ll reveal the real truth in my mourning,
that in all honesty
I fucked up a relationship,
well, you fucked it up too
but I know you’ll never spend
any time addressing that
so really all that’s left is
for me to feel these things on my own
and to live the dream
that you once started.
At night,
I’ll walk out into the forest on the hillside,
surrounded by silence and the night sky
and yes, I’ll know how much I love you
and how the eternal sacredness of the stars
will always remind me of you
and the almost humanly impossible
intimacy we used to share every waking day.
We used to be that close,
even when things were bad.
And I know that motivates your fear
to no longer address or think of you and I.
You can’t cuz you’d still love me
and if you still loved me
you might do something stupid.
I will use the leaves and the coldness
and the brilliant blue air of that forest
to heal me.
I hate to admit this
but I know this is the only way for me to survive.

And yes,
I expect Vermont to be beautiful,

profoundly profoundly beautiful.