The Kepler Torrents

Kepler satellite

“I want to know the Kepler torrents with you.”

“The Kepler torrents?”

“The ones between Baltawn and Graesheyawn.”

“The ones in the starmap on the back of your

“No. The ones further in; and much further out.”

“The way the lifeforms are formed?”

“Yeah, the way the lifeforms are formed.

Well, I guess kind of, sort of.”

“Ah, so the force between objects.”

“Yes, that’s it, but I mean the unaccounted force
between objects.

I guess, the as of yet, unaccounted force
between objects.”

“Oh, so then I think you mean love,
or the love that is greater than the chronicles of

“Ok, then come with me to the points between
Baltawn and Graesheyawn.

Come inside of there. Come for the dead. Come
for the living.”

The Foot Soldier or Being In Love In A Free Market Economy

It’s like I’m going to war in
World War II
My legs are shaking
I need a ciagarette
My lungs are big
I’ve not had enough calories for the day
though I still love you
On my way up
to the bell tower
where the sniper is
My best friend had his head blown off
and it splattered on me
Gave me the vegence to kill them
These chemicals
It’s why we should never forget
The mechanisms at play
Capitalism produced all this
The tobacco from Turkey
The marketing
The landing on beaches
and the copius loss of life
that makes us men

Chicago Chrissy

She’s called “Chicago Chrissy”

She looks at my face in daylight

Over her phone

Wondering who I am

who I could be or become for her

You never looked at the lines on
my face
in daylight
over eggs

I was never born that way for you

The silence of sunlight is listening
and evolutionary

It vibrates these screens for us
just so you know
impressions are long and ancient

My Love Was A Mountain In China

I was on life support for two years

Then the unthinkable happened

One day I woke up

I no longer lingered on the landscapes
of Mars
waiting for you to appear

I awoke to another other land

Something like three hundred and
fifty-seven light years away

Flowers blooming
a million shades of green and tall grasses

Mountains rising all around

With even the dust doing its thing
in the air
the way it floats down in the sunlight
from oak trees
to marry the dirt of the woodland trails

It was in these sojourns that I finally
your love