Suburban House Love

We could be in a kitchen,
She and I.
A kitchen in a suburban home
in Wisconsin,
A Saturday afternoon,
for our little boy’s birthday party.
Wood grain cabinetry
and splatter sprayed dry wall.
Light blue balloons,
pink and yellow ones too,
taped to the walls, ceilings,
kitchen appliances, and doorways.
We could be there
with the
fluorescent light
merged with
the sunlight from windows
to warm us and turn our feelings
to goodness.
To know what it’s like to have
relaxed muscles and breath.
To feel cold iced tea move
over our tongues.

At Blank House In Suburbs

Where are we in this empty room

I reach out to you

We’re not being
the ones in the track houses

We’re not being there

Nothing is being there
the beige bricks and the beige walls
could not
have held our marriage together

Where is this heavenly building
for your blue eyes

A place worthy of gold and infinite

The blood within my human
human heart

The tiered gardens and the colonnades
of much better civic planning