Pete’s Pizza Economies Falling

centuries of people
have eaten that bad pizza
more long lasting
is the mystery of
these economies that plague us

come for the people
at this street corner
going in to get their pizza

going into the brick and
neighborhood building
to be back home with family
eating the cheese and sauce
and meat
with all those electric screens

they look into each others
with something ancient

there’s more to this
in our DNA and the dust of
above and so far across
than what I chew and swallow
over and over


My Love In Snow White’s Moral

I loved you and then the day was gone.

Silence by the woods.

In the interior where the dwarfs lived

and the path led off into the shadows.

The shadows stood clear amongst blue sky
and woodland groves
so crisp that these aesthetics were
the only way to know consciousness.

From the valley you could see the mountains.

Aesthetics of your hips, the soft skin.
Your smell, a milk maid from the Alps.
Those hard and shiny nails
and of course your lips that dripped tangerines
behind the sunshine in the winter
when I took you into the house, by the hearth
to learn you

and then learning the story of the cosmos
from the apples collected in daily ritual.