The Eastern Sky

the eastern sky there
looked pretty

as beautiful as your love
when i left you

dreaming dark blue clouds
of night

mortal like you
they asked to shape breathing

witness to a history
not be forgotten

not even by the newborn flowers
of Spring
or the new myocytes
of your heart

for the eastern sky there
looked pretty

and the stray dogs in the alleys
trailed shadows

sniffing at the dandelions
in May

i see in this darkness

you look for the light


Millionaires Of Nothingness

Millionaires Of NothingnessWhen you loved me
on the beach
what can I say of
your heart?

what chased you in
the sky breaking from
that day
quarts of red and blue Budweiser
on the sand
in paper cups
in the daylight
of Coney Island

the roller coasters
seemed frozen
but our life
was joyous
and celebratory
in those simple eternal moments
when you loved me
and burned to kiss me