Your Love Was The Phoenician

Every day I’m getting into shape
My heart is born anew

Every day it beats again

It starts to feel strong

. . . then I remember you

Is there strength there
in the ocean’s port of call
in the blue amongst the Aegean?

The ancient afternoons
The mountains in distance

The feelings of a beginning
and the lips of a Phoenician

Oak eyes I used to have
and the lips that you once kissed


Summer Little Beauty

She had a monochromatic mole on
her face

Just above her brow

It played with a poetry of brown hair
blue eyes

like the breath of the beach and the
blue sky above it

Every single moment that I walked
away from a window
where she stood
was like a new eon being created in
the cosmos

A crystal star, a crest of drawing ocean

One unique feeling
amongst all the lives that have lived
the sun

Hope That Is Navy

When the sun sets I
become sad
Nestle the blue of your eyes to my
Build the beams of houses from your
these are the touches that
give me remembrance of death
or rather
the veiled cycles of life and
I realize the ocean in your eyes
how they are
little pebbles
from the stars and then those
kind of oceans
from the heavens
The northern skies
The navy blue hopes

The hope that is navy

On Once Loved The Ocean

Only your voice
like the rigging of sails on seas
it takes its time and it fills me
with the embrace of the blue out here.

The madness of the fish
makes me swim and eat,
makes me get to know the cats
walking the planks and bow.

These cats sit here with me in the sun.
Their chores are done.
Their breath smells as earth and hay.
I move away as the twilight makes paintings
on the water
similar to the philosophical narratives
you often told,
picking your words like a child picking candy
in a candy store back in Scotland.

But when darkness comes to cuddle its
chilly bones
I draw those double-coated cats near
and remember the land, the earth,

so I remember you once loved and your stance
was like the ocean of the North Atlantic

The Loves Oceanic

These things that give suspension to atoms

These things of the being

They’re being and been in my heart for your love

They cause for your blue eyes

The cells of my dreams

Windows of the way the sunshine was with you

In Mexico
after you ate the hibiscus flower and wept

Down a damp street in Dallas

As the snow came flying down in New York City

To make a parade or make us all crazy

To make us cuddle and feel like enchiladas in our

The sunshine was still there

When your buttressed lips kissed me and I felt

My mind tilt like the cascading cliffs of Ireland




Into the crisp and unforgiving coldness of the Sea


And because of that coldness I am preserved forever

Where you reside within me

On this planet

In the depths of the ocean