Past Corporate Love

It’s been a while.
I saw you undress in my mind.
Saw your figure so perfect from
Saw it imperfect in glances
underneath me,
with folds and moles.
Saw the light of the closet
cracked into the darkness of
the bedroom.
Disheveled, unorganized, and
decorporatized for a moment,
like grapes on untended vines,
a vineyard
beyond the reach of the census.
Decorporatized when we lay
with each other
in fire and blood,

in fire and blood
in darkness
where we needed a reaching,
so we reached for the light
enclosed in our cell.

Our ancestors last human
in the restaurants
of the middle class
dreaming the way that
kept them sleeping.

The lights, the lights,
they’re golden around there,
dreaming the way that
kept them sleeping.

Suburban House Love

We could be in a kitchen,
She and I.
A kitchen in a suburban home
in Wisconsin,
A Saturday afternoon,
for our little boy’s birthday party.
Wood grain cabinetry
and splatter sprayed dry wall.
Light blue balloons,
pink and yellow ones too,
taped to the walls, ceilings,
kitchen appliances, and doorways.
We could be there
with the
fluorescent light
merged with
the sunlight from windows
to warm us and turn our feelings
to goodness.
To know what it’s like to have
relaxed muscles and breath.
To feel cold iced tea move
over our tongues.

Gendered Love

With gendered love

With gendered love

I want a woman who looks perfect

Who can get pregnant

A man with lots of money

Who answers sentences perfectly

I want his pleated pants to step up
before me

Before the room I want him to have
the answers
in baritone

Just before her hair is sprayed and shaped
the way that hair should be
on television or magazines

And lets not forget the dinner parties
and sport cars
that contain such broken empathies

Untitled Nucleic Love

Nucleic Love

Kiss and you shall feel the air.
My vanquished ghost. No.
My lingering tome. The smell
of our home. Winter Twenty-Twelve.
I am still there. Burning the spiced
cranberry in your heart.

You misplaced your feelings in
between moments of sipping booze
and placing your glass down upon
the wooden credenza to stain it.
For your breath can vanquish
unattainable concerns,

or Hollywood human existence.
The transitory bourgeoisie.

Now          can          you
kiss the air in the time portal I walk
Or make my electrons vector.
Bring your insecurities to flesh
with courage.

I live within your DNA.