Rocka My Soul In The Bosom Of Abraham

What did Abraham do?

He did what all other fathers
since him are striving to do.

Abraham just bought a color TV.

The color TV looks right
with the tones of the air in Brooklyn.

Abraham likes to walk about.

He likes the city at twilight.
The orangeness, those ancient
kinds of

Now Abraham has been watching his TV.

So Abraham goes home to his wife
and her Salisbury dinners
and the cool truths of the evening
but then Abraham has a previous wife
he loves more too.

He imagines her ghost will trail him
to his last breaths.

Their son has gone off to college
by the good hills and woods and
fresh air
of rural Pennsylvania.

The Way I Wear My Hair

Everyday without you
I wake up
and try to decide
what I should do with my hair,
how I should wear it.

Should I cut it?
Does it need a trim?
What if I cut it all off?

I would not be plagued with these

But only for a short time.

Then when it was time again
to cut it all off
I’d have to remember why I
was cutting it all off,

cause I don’t want to have to
think about what it’s like
to wake up everyday and
think about how I would or should
wear my hair before your eyes
that are no longer around
to look at the way I wear my hair.