The Graduation Party


There are graduation parties around
town tonight
I won’t be there
under the Spring bloomed oak trees
souring scents of keg beer
and hanging bulbs of pink lights

Those days are fifteen years beyond
me now
My head is but a hazy haze each
new morning
Not filled with subjects of moons
and phases or the kissing lips of
fresh skin by the windblown lake

What would I do at a graduation party
besides toss cupcakes upon the
hoods of classic cars
then come round with a mower
the next day
to cut a damp and fertile lawn
to start the crusty ruse of economics
that the empty call adulthood


Taking The Cake


Remember all those times the girls went
go go go
Remember the Ford Mustangs,
Chevy Blazers and Ford Escorts
The girls went
The girls went
Where did the girls go
Fast food by the mall
To the secret panty store
Parties before midnight
in the working class neighborhoods
far away from the golf course
They never went to the Basketball games
cuz of
all the black kids
Friday nights in Fall were more their thing
Then that summer the football player
killed his father
The girls didn’t know where to go to
send their condolences
take the cake


They Walk On Water

They’re walketh on water
the bird said to me

Watch and you will see
a walk upon water this eve

Not I nor is she
the one to be believed

Tis hallowed we’ll heed
the clothed figure that passeth

They’re walketh on water
the boy and the girl

Un homme et une femme

They hold hands on a light path

On the sea On the sea
The one east of Galilee

They’re walketh on water
her and he

They walk on the water
I believe
I believe

The sun on my hand

Is what heals me