Pete’s Pizza Economies Falling

centuries of people
have eaten that bad pizza
more long lasting
is the mystery of
these economies that plague us

come for the people
at this street corner
going in to get their pizza

going into the brick and
neighborhood building
to be back home with family
eating the cheese and sauce
and meat
with all those electric screens

they look into each others
with something ancient

there’s more to this
in our DNA and the dust of
above and so far across
than what I chew and swallow
over and over


Vergoatt’s Continuance

The mind can be quieted

Vergoatt is the name

The distant, continuing one

Sure, the mind can be quieted son

if I put a bullet in it

Left this much for love is pain

as remembrance of Vergoatt’s continuance

Vergoatt is the one forever passing

in between the feelings of us, the loins

my sacred blood under oak trees
spills on the dirt close to sunlight

The corporal dust that’s been gathered
and collected

to make us face time over and over again

Whereas Vergoatt cannot

Thus the Nephilim divined us with love

to exist separately from greater truths
and permanence

Untitled Nucleic Love

Nucleic Love

Kiss and you shall feel the air.
My vanquished ghost. No.
My lingering tome. The smell
of our home. Winter Twenty-Twelve.
I am still there. Burning the spiced
cranberry in your heart.

You misplaced your feelings in
between moments of sipping booze
and placing your glass down upon
the wooden credenza to stain it.
For your breath can vanquish
unattainable concerns,

or Hollywood human existence.
The transitory bourgeoisie.

Now          can          you
kiss the air in the time portal I walk
Or make my electrons vector.
Bring your insecurities to flesh
with courage.

I live within your DNA.

A Nucleotide Excelsis

I left my mausoleum
to walk again today

The place of my mourning
is gone

Summer holds out
her soft hand

I will never see your
far off stars again

I go back to the living

Not until
my skin and body have form
will you know the song
that I whispered

a trillion beds of Earth

a billion civilizations and suns

I think
you may touch my flesh and
all that’s passed
the heavens

for these stories
that have reformed and followed