Dialogo For The Mythmade Magic

New York - Los Angelees

What’s the difference between New York and LA?

In New York
they’re well-postured people.

Tightly postured, if you will.
Excellently postured, I might say.

Very very well-postured.

they’re sloppy posturers.
They’ll posture at anything.

At cartoons, cars, stars, pornos, bars, fast food.

To quote a person I once met who represented
both so well,

“Do you know what I mean?
I mean like the experience.
You gotta really have it.
You know what I mean? Yeah, you get it. You do.
You know what I mean. Yeah, you do.”

Quote, unquote.

No. I don’t. I don’t get it.
I think you’re all full of shit,
living in some deluded 20th Century archetype mythland,
giving yourselves pats on your imaginary bigheaded

And I hate to be the bearer of bad news,
but this is the 21st Century,
where the people have stopped operating via mythmade
ego-wanton magic.