What Westernized Adults Are Waiting For

Cars go by the windows
and Westernized adults
seem depressed
They wonder,
is this,
all this,
really a scam,
some sort of sham show
they judge themselves
and others

So the fan turns
the ceiling,
the air conditioner hums,
they get up to check their email,
go back to work tomorrow.

For it is in some other world
where they do not
back to work,
but meet other adults
from their
to discuss and address
the real problems
actually relevant
in their lives.

For in this other world
are not
propaganda bejeweled
dominators and subservients,
obsessed with myth and power,
but rather
objective listeners
compassionate actionnaires,
vested in both observant locality
and also relational reality.

And these Westernized adults
realize this other world is

waiting to be built.

Ignorance Of Ecosystems

meat eatersWhen I walk outside and
the birds whistle
it makes me rearrange
my constitution

what is it I think
I’ll be doing?

I could be dismantling
the muscle of chicken
in my molars
with the heckling of
its relatives
still ringing in my ear

I could be sitting in
air conditioning
doing this
in an innocuous manner
hidden away from the
Texas sun
of which
the birds have long
to weather

the sun might smash and
their heads
leaving them to dry in
the air of their sacred

so these songs
are statements

or liberations

Ascorbic Acid Or My Everyday Sun

I snort ascorbic acid because of you
Because of you
it’s my everyday sun

This languid depression
These languid incantations
These humble blood transfusions
could not replace the hateful words
you said
to disassemble me

This lost generation
The one that’s begotten
The one between purpose and money
The one by the park earlier today
forgot the sun up there
I go down to chat with the homeless
John Two Axes
who played an Indian in
Dances With Wolves
Because I have forgotten the sun

and need something else in my blood