Past Corporate Love

It’s been a while.
I saw you undress in my mind.
Saw your figure so perfect from
Saw it imperfect in glances
underneath me,
with folds and moles.
Saw the light of the closet
cracked into the darkness of
the bedroom.
Disheveled, unorganized, and
decorporatized for a moment,
like grapes on untended vines,
a vineyard
beyond the reach of the census.
Decorporatized when we lay
with each other
in fire and blood,

in fire and blood
in darkness
where we needed a reaching,
so we reached for the light
enclosed in our cell.

Our ancestors last human
in the restaurants
of the middle class
dreaming the way that
kept them sleeping.

The lights, the lights,
they’re golden around there,
dreaming the way that
kept them sleeping.

Place, Places, Placement and Placings

The place gets inside your head
Until you can see nowhere else
The familiarity of sunlight on walls
Or shadows from trees and acorns or seeds
on the ground
Can’t really be seen in any other place
in that manner

The place does not ask you to stay
But you grow afraid to walk away
So you settle
You settle
Because mid-life’s gravity is stronger
The freedom you once felt in a desert
in the West

But the place harbors your fears
from the rest of the world
And you smell the scents of its restaurants
Renovated decors
New mirrors and carpets
Over and over
Over the years
Away from the land of the sun