Certain Transformations

What are we going to do?
We could write.
We could write for others.
We could go to space.

Going to space is the same as
writing for others.

It depends on which type of
“for others”
you’re talking about.

You mean,
to create financial gains for others,
then yes, it is a lot like going to space,

like that vast starry infinitude that is
and all those fields of stars.
This is what it really means to be a

But to write “for others”
in the sense that you bear their
weight and pain,
well that is actually like going to
space too,
but it’s really more like the creation of
space itself,
the creation of new ways of existence,

like not just generating profit for some
creative goon or stealthy businessman
in the early 21st Century,

but carrying many generations across
the stars by the creation of new
gravity fields
over many tens of thousands of years
and certain transformations.


Gendered Love

With gendered love

With gendered love

I want a woman who looks perfect

Who can get pregnant

A man with lots of money

Who answers sentences perfectly

I want his pleated pants to step up
before me

Before the room I want him to have
the answers
in baritone

Just before her hair is sprayed and shaped
the way that hair should be
on television or magazines

And lets not forget the dinner parties
and sport cars
that contain such broken empathies

Telly Advert Adversaries

the TV talked and it said

you’re not good enough for me

it said instead

another woman was

then pointed me in the direction

of billboards and magazines

it said

there’s more over there

they’re better instead of these

inside my head

there’s something even better
than these fantasies

that is what the TV said

that is what the TV’s saying

something better than you or I

Bourgeoisie And Meaning

Can we play celebrities please,
today, when it rains?
Will there be gift baskets
that we get,
courted and made to feel special
for at least an hour, maybe more than an hour?
For them to give us something meaningful
so we can go home and reflect on,
open our mouths at a later point
and say what we did, where we did it,
how it was done and who it was done in front of.
Can we talk?
Were you talking to me?
I was talking to you in the foyer.
You weren’t talking to me.
Now is my time to tell you what is important,
it is about me.
You don’t have anything to say, do you?
You never do.
This isn’t why we rolled around on the carpet,
this can’t be it.
This isn’t how we play celebrity.

You need to have breasts.

Nice Dresses

These blondes are pretty cute on TV.
They place them in nice dresses.
Nice dresses.
They follow their contours.
You know what it’s like
to be placed in nice dresses
and have your contours followed.
It’s a delicate world of vanity we build.
It helps us in our head.
It’s delicate and tender the touches
in our heart.
All of them are. All of them are.
We build. We build.

You, I and God know
this is what those nice dresses do.
Let’s place more of the blondes and
brunettes like you
in them.
Go down to church, new shopping malls,
svelte automobiles.
Our thinking will be good for teenagers,
millionaires and tycoons.
Our thinking will be good.

Molochs of masculinity.

Messages from New York City.

Silk blouses across breasts.
Steak dinners times ten.

Our Locus Of Self-Worth

She left him
in Alaska
because he was
a heroin addict.

He went on
to become
New York Times
acclaimed chef
lots of
pain and struggle.
The day
he received
a copy of the article
he threw it
in the trash
reading it.
didn’t care
for stuff like that.
He had lived 44 years
without needing
to validate
what made him happy.

She moved
to New York City
and married
an advertising director
who left her
she was 47.
Something better came along.
A woman
in her 30s.
Sitting in
her still and quiet condo
one day
she read that article
her former love
and broke down
like she had not
elementary school
when some mean girls
were cruel to her
for wearing cheap clothing.
She remembered
that moment.
How it taught her
to be pretentious
and guide her
motivations throughout her life.
She realized now
why she didn’t stay
to help him.