On Kraken Mare

Damn, they want to send a space submarine
to the methane sea of Titan by 2040.

I’ll be 63 years old then, if I make it that long.

I’d like to be onboard that submarine.

One would need to be fearless.

What if they encountered some strange
and gargantuan creature?

I believe in such a situation I would be fearless.

One would have no other choice, being
886 million miles away from home.

All my life I’ve had this feeling of some
form of galactic fearlessness.

I guess this is what it’s for, a space
submarine trip to one of Saturn’s moons.

It could also be faith, faith in an ageless

An agelessness that destroys myths and fears
and leaves possible every iteration of every
physical arrangement,
for always
and for this always to always be again.


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