Computer Of The Long Heart

There’s always sounds in busy small towns

Cars passing by
Trucks loading up
Trains moving on
Metal slamming down

Then there’s you in my heart

Beside the sheet metal warehouses
upended sidewalks
overgrown tallgrasses

The blue of the January sky, suspicious of Spring
like every ocean I’ve looked upon
of course reminds me of your eyes

so though lost, I am always found

With the first mate’s allegiance in my genetics
I’m at home on the ocean or amongst the vastness of stars
so I walk across this busy small town
in the same consciousness we share

And the children chase the dogs as they did
in 1960s Stalingrad, ancient Rome
and now this Americana

Their screams and barks bounce off chain link fences

I go further into the Cosmos with you in my heart

I will die someday, but I believe something eternal
something whole and inseparable

You and I

S.S.B.E., or shared separate biological existence


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