The Astronaut

Because of your loss

I’ve learned the courage
to travel into the stars
across vast expanses of nothingness

Silence and silence

Darkness and darkness

Empty houses in memories

Nothing else

I would become a space traveler now

Before, I never would have

I know what it takes to love without return
without forgiveness
to love and never be loved again

to ultimately be alone on a cosmic journey

I would have been too terrified
to accept this unending consciousness

and these things that have their end

I am ready for the stars now

Bring me forth to fire


3 thoughts on “The Astronaut

  1. This is such a stunningly beautiful analogy. I love how idea of loving without receiving is compared to travelling alone through space. If we search hard enough for beauty in the darkness, we will see the stars at last. Very evocative moving poem. 😊 Keep writing!

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