The Birds Of Relativity

the birds of relativity were flying over farms
they saw the students from biology
picking apples and making samples.

the apples filled their blood
and healed some and some went on to be sick.

in their days
some died in retirement
some died in their 30s
some died holding the hands of loved ones
many years later
some died alone.

the birds of relativity approached the mountains
and took a spot atop one
above gray clouds
by the highland hay and a nest of eggs
the way a tibetan flag flies turquoise.

the bird watchers looked for them
but the birds could not be found.

the bird watchers simply couldn’t see
from where they stood
and this is very much like what the sun does

or how the land believes and makes its vegetation

or how what we think love is
is only a companion for the future
a preposition for changing our genetics.

it is now come and gone
the space birds above the circle.


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