The Unremembered Entrance

Metropolitan Ave

I don’t even remember the front doorway

I don’t remember where the mailbox was

I remember the clangs of the heels on her boots
that first night

following her up the hard stairs to fuck

I remember the stairway would echo

and make her appear so womanly with that momentum


everyday she passed in this stairway it was
like this, kind of like an old hospital

I remember waiting for her like a dog waiting to be fed

I could smell her scent when she was two floors below

but I don’t remember any features of that stairway
or front doorway

I do remember the outside of the door was caked up layers of
black paint with graffiti and spray paint all over it

I remember lots of specs of silver and one loud zig zag mark
in pink

I halfway recall the door handle was brass and scratched up
very badly

I entered that door about twelve hundred times between
august and march

one time was after I picked up a winter care package
from my mother
at the post office around the corner

she sent us flannel snowman sheets


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