Love Even In A Can Of Pepsi

I’m craving Pepsi.
I’m wanting your hair.
Your hair’s the same color as Pepsi.
I never crave Pepsi, but
I do frequently want your hair.
Especially, these days.
Want its scratchy texture on my chest
when I wake up.
Its scent of lotion, dairy and small
summer flowers from the islands of Scotland.
Now, I’m craving an ice cream float
with you in a slightly cold Brooklyn apartment
on a Saturday afternoon in November,
some rain clouds off in the distance
drifting outside the window.

We walk towards them later that evening.
The sunset flutters in shredded layers
of orange and pink, colliding with
the grays of the storms and the navies of night
across the old brick buildings and
the new high-rise condos.

We walk holding hands.
We’re older than the others who do this.
Our love makes us young at heart.
It makes us courageous and compelling.
It makes us good examples.

Our eyes have always had a certain kind
of conviction when you put us together.


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