The House Made Of Stone


After you left
the land remained greener
than it should have
in Texas in the summer
far after
the pastures should burn
and turn to brush

Grackles with mouths tilted up
toward the sun
still visited
with anxiety in lost eyes

I needed a copious fertility
to hold me
like you once did
afraid of the lake waters together
cutting across
a fluffy blue cloud sky

I needed a way around the lake

You and I were afraid
So we turned to our bodies
digging into those remnants of earth
this is what I asked of the land

the digging and the finding of relics
in cold mud
a pilgrimage towards the miracle journey

the next planet
the one in the high sky
the rational civilization in the highlands
the promise
the stone threshold beside the cedars

: : the good house that is made of stone


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