Are You, My Gloxx Tower Baby

Gloxx Tower (Williamsburgh Bank Building)

Have you been to Gloxx Tower, Baby

Where the Head Capitalist lives up high

In Roman decor

Have you sipped from the crystal

That whittles the soul from the mind

Have you been with the collector of numbers

On evenings

And drank of the wines of Bourgogne

You’ve only brushed the Tower at its bellows
Like all the good commoners do
Rushing on their way across Brooklyn
In subway cars
These alms to the American dream
At the feet, of course, of what the
Capitalists weave

Have you indulged or worshiped or even now
are you sleeping

Sleep sweet in the fields of Umbria

The timbers of Iberia have been lumbered
To carry the motive all across the planet

To alter our DNA forever

Oh, my Gloxx Tower Baby
Your DNA was once human


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