Wizard Girl Heaven

Palo Pinto County

There have been alien thoughts visit me
since I met you
and I wonder if maybe you’re an alien.

Created in some form before time itself.

Maybe you come from the makers of

Maybe something has happened with
me lately,
some sort of plasma is inhabiting me,
my neurons are inflamed
and now perhaps
I’m an alien?
Well, a different kind of alien,
an alien of spatial configurations and ketones.
Seeing the different fields,
You know,
liberated from form perhaps?

I believe that you have liberated me from form.

Chalked up the cliff sides of Palo Pinto County
in the summer.
Made ancients from your knee bones.

These things that encode you, regardless of
their semantics,
are beautiful and press the return button
to the imagination of childhood and interstellar

As mentioned before, you reset time.

You’re not a form I’ve known before.

So I see you very similar to rocks and moon.


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