Between The Panels Of Old Flooring

old wooden floor

In a tee shirt from my old relationship

That is where I am these days

It’s worn, comfortable and cozy

There’s usually silence around me when I wear it

I remember when I first got it

We were moving into a recently renovated “loft” apartment

I had decided my “style” in those days was gonna be
different solid color tee shirts
with different color industrial pants
and earthen-colored New Balance sneakers

She did not approve of my newly discovered fashion sense
scoffed at me the day I showed up to sign the lease
wearing this same brown tee shirt
with some red workman’s pants

About 10 minutes after signing the lease
we fucked hard and furiously
on the freshly glossed hardwood floor
what would become our bedroom

my semen spilling there between the panels of old flooring


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