In Argonic Language


When you are away
my words are like companions.
Things like farm, house, deep space exploration
and searching for the footprints of argon.

This is what you do in your absence,
join these concepts as equivalences in my mind.

Then beyond the words,
my emotions for you become landscapes,
features, mountain ranges, beaches,
oak tree meadows entwined with clustering stars,
somewhere above West Texas.

The chalk of that dirt reminds me of your
Mediterranean freckles.

So it is at night that I thirst,
dreaming of your brown hair silhouette
passing through white plaster porticoes,
sunlight trailing on your sweet ass.

I awaken to take water,
one of the companion words you’ve given me,
because it runs throughout my soul,
blended to my blood and body.

All of this as one. A self that’s not just one.


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