My Galactic Journey Cometh

I’m looking for the cashier at Target
to save me

I look because my heart hurts
and it’s way too late
in my life for this

I was supposed to be
on board a skiff
in the Mediterranean
at this point in the game

So I look for the child
who’s thrown a temper tantrum
left a pile of spilled popcorn
in the parking lot

I know he’s still with me
whistling along in make-believe

That’s why I can’t pass
the toy section
without looking

that’s why I cannot pass

Those gilded afternoons
without responsibility
the ones with Janis Joplin’s deep blues
they keep beckoning me
to leave this place
to leave this planet

my fleshen hands
by the soil the flowers the tears
the mourners

my galactic spaceship

my ticket
my journey


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