Our Locus Of Self-Worth

She left him
in Alaska
because he was
a heroin addict.

He went on
to become
New York Times
acclaimed chef
lots of
pain and struggle.
The day
he received
a copy of the article
he threw it
in the trash
reading it.
didn’t care
for stuff like that.
He had lived 44 years
without needing
to validate
what made him happy.

She moved
to New York City
and married
an advertising director
who left her
she was 47.
Something better came along.
A woman
in her 30s.
Sitting in
her still and quiet condo
one day
she read that article
her former love
and broke down
like she had not
elementary school
when some mean girls
were cruel to her
for wearing cheap clothing.
She remembered
that moment.
How it taught her
to be pretentious
and guide her
motivations throughout her life.
She realized now
why she didn’t stay
to help him.


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